Commissioned painting based on poem Maya Angelou, Phenomenal Woman.

Presented to Tomorrow’s Woman Wirral at the Merseyside Safeguarding Adults Board event; Safeguarding voices held at the Bluecoat on 25th June 2019. Acrylic on canvas 16×12 inch.

Andrew Banks Statement for painting series ‘The Act’

The Act paintings are dreamscapes of an external reality, a new world with possible connotations with current and past events. I am not aiming to represent history or an event but to create a new narrative for each viewer to interpret and expand on. The paintings are inspired by musical theatre and films based on true stories but facts are altered and idealised.

The Act series (ongoing series)

Inspired by Yorkshire series (ongoing)

Artist statement – Inspired by Yorkshire

The paintings inspired by Yorkshire reflect a sense of isolation and nostalgia.

There is a dream or memory quality with a sense of place but some facts are altered via painting through memory.

There is a sense of travelling through an area/ landscape like a tourist.

There is also a sense of romanticism within the landscape.

The paintings are also autobiographical, reminding me of a place/ holiday / past event.

Inspired by Liverpool (Ongoing series)

I have work in The Liverpool art book coming out late 2019 more information at

Small selection of my paintings 2005-2010