About me

The ambition to become an artist started when visiting the walker art gallery sat in front of Hans Holbein The Younger- Henry VIII painting on a school trip in year 6. I was inspired by how powerful painting can be.

I studied at the University of Huddersfield and gained my BA Hons in Fine Art in 2008. I have been lucky enough to exhibit my work across the UK and have had fantastic opportunities.

My painting style changed after University focusing on colour and creating a sense of open narrative in my work. At the time inspired by Neo Rauch and Daniel Richter. Also the use of vibrant colour like in Franz Ackermann. People either loved or hated it, and some even accused me of taking many different types of drugs. Which was not the case I just had a vivid imagination and a love for vibrant colour. These paintings I called The Act Series.

My painting style has gone back to my routes of the love of painting skies and landscapes. As a child I was always travelling with my family to Wales, Blackpool, where we stayed in caravans. The music in the car whilst travelling along with the beautiful scenery gave me the inspiration to paint. Inspired by the effect natural and artificial light had on landscapes always fascinated me and still does.