2019 art project memory

This is an art project that responds to a personal experience of memory loss, the challenges and battles involved. Reflecting the journey of post-concussion syndrome and how the resulting effects of mistreatment.

This project will include contemporary painting along with digital artworks, creating artwork responding to my personal feelings and experience dealing with serious challenging issues with memory.

Briefly one of the major issues was short term memory and the anxiety caused, with the inability at times to remember people’s names including family and even my own, where I live and I still struggle with numbers and even remembering my age. This might only be for a few seconds although sometimes a lot longer, but the panic caused made it a struggle to leave the house by myself. But my determination not to let this beat me helped me find ways of getting out.

Remembering via visual landmarks for journeys and having to stay focused and constantly keep repeating where I was going or about to do. I got some strange looks at first (maybe sometimes I said it out loud and not just in my head). Although I must have looked completely lost or drunk early in the morning trying to get to the studio.

My aim is to create a variety of single paintings/digital works up to a series of paintings reflecting a journey and the thought process and reaction to memory loss and the anxiety caused.

If you have taken the time to read this, thank you I really do appreciate this. If you have any feedback if you feel this project sounds interesting, or if you or you know someone who has experienced post-concussion syndrome and would like to get involved in this project. Please see contact page.